Making clean energy
profitable for you

Our MissionHelping you and the environment

Unety’s mission is to level the playing field of an otherwise biased lending system that favors big corporations. We connect business owners to the largest network of sustainable capital providers in the U.S., ensuring that businesses of all sizes can afford the benefits of clean power.

This innovative approach to investing differs radically from other programs. The best, smartest loan is a lot more than just borrowing money; it’s about making money. We believe that better financing yields bigger results and that the financial lending system should work for all businesses, not just large corporations. It’s our goal to help small businesses access the same clean energy advantages long enjoyed by major corporations, to power themselves and their profits.

Our StoryWhere we came from

We are a team of experts with a unique combination of technical skills and insider industry knowledge, driven by extensive experience solving problems in technology, real estate, sustainability, and finance.

Together, we founded Unety with the shared vision that small businesses should be armed with the same tools that big corporations use to access the benefits of clean power. And today, we operate a platform that uses low prices to accelerate the adoption of clean energy best practices and put money back into the pockets of our users.

Tools forLenders
Tools forLenders
Easily make snap decisions with a clean view of all the most relevant qualifying conditions for each application.
Shadow credit ratings approximate rating agency scores; driven by our propritary scoring engine that processes hundreds of raw data points per property.
Customize acceptable risk thresholds for these key conditions whenever you want by adjusting your preference settings.
Identify which applications are most serious about quickly closing with you.
Browse through hundreds of applications from across the country in seconds and filter according to your priorities.
Tools for ContractorsManage projects
Tools for ContractorsManage projects
Manage, sort, and filter all of your projects in one place. Whether its a project you added yesterday or last year you can find it here
Identify the best financing for your projects and whether they are a good candidate for that financing.
Tools for ContractorsProject screening
Tools for ContractorsProject screening
Prequalify a property in seconds. Just enter a property address and immediately discover if it meets the minimum program requirements for financing.
Explanations tailored to each property appear with the Validation results. If preapproved, few details are needed. If not preapproved, extra details are provided.
Over 90% of the commercial properties across the U.S. can be scored by simpling entering the address.
Tools for ContractorsFunding options
Tools for ContractorsFunding options
See which option is the best match for your property based on your unique needs. Every project is unique, and so are the results for your best match.
Get access to many of the special types of financing that large corporations have long benefited from. Our platform makes them directly available to you.
Customize your criteria according to your own unique needs. This ensures your get matched with a type of financing that is the best fit for you.
Explore the results in detail. Each result and criteria comes with a explanation that is unique to you.
Tools for ContractorsCash flow calculator
Tools for ContractorsCash flow calculator
Adjust the controls to match the occupancy conditions of your building in order to get a more comprehensive forecast of the financial costs of benefits and financing.
Compare costs of capital. It's important to understand how to compare the costs since cash isn't free and some interest rates hide hidden charges.
Find out how much you can save or even profit by using certain types of financing. And, if you have tenants, how might they be impacted.

Who we areMeet the founders

Parker White
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