PPA Financing

What is PPA?Let us explain

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract that provides property owners with renewable energy. You are not charged for equipment or installation and you only pay for the energy used. This type of financing agreement is primarily used for renewable energy that gets installed on your property; however, in some select jurisdictions you may be able to purchase renewable energy that's installed offsite. PPA contracts typically involve a solar installer, a capital provider, and a property owner. Savings are guaranteed whenever the rate for power that is listed in the PPA is less than the rate charged by your utility provider.

Case StudiesProjects funded with PPA

Photo credit: SunPeak

Office building, Brookfield WI

“I was a long time fan of alternative energy but concluded it didn’t work in WI. But, after looking at the solar ROI, I decided it was a perfect investment for our new building.”
- building owner, 360 Direct

Project size:52 kWdc, producing 72,000 kWh/year
Savings:66% offset, saving 10.2¢ per kWh
Photo credit: SunPeak

Apartment building, Madison WI

“SunPeak demonstrated clearly the recent afordability of solar (prices came down a lot.) We feel really good that a majority of our electricity is coming from the sun and we are protecting the environment while making a smart business decision at the same time.”
- Nina Lebwohl, Manager, Foundry Apartments

Project size:19kWdc, producing 22,500 kWh/year
Savings:82% offset, saving 10.3¢ per kWh
Photo credit: SunPeak

Brewery, Waterloo, IA

“Balancing historic preservation requirements with sustainability principles was a challenge. We assembled a team of experts to move through the process. SunPeak was a vital part of that team.”
- Dave Morgan, Owner, Single Speed Brewery

Project size:103 kWdc, producing 123,500 kWh/year
Savings:21% offset, saving the equivalent of 2,600 tons of CO2